Thursday, January 28, 2010

50k For Fun

This sat. Jan30 I will run 50k. No Shirts 50k Race. It's not really a race, No entry fee's, No shirts, and No Aid. Just for fun! We will see how many show, it is the hardest parts of the Burning River 100. So it works good for me "training" and I can test a little speed work. See what kind of 50k time and run with other runners. But we are in winter and its cold and snowing. We will have to see how many show. It will be fun anyway.


Beth said...

I'm glad that it sounds like fun to you!! I bet that is a very talented group that shows up to run that race. I did a similar race that cost $4, was 25K and was very hilly. It was a talented group and I think I only beat 8 people. It was a who's who of trail running, though, and was very fun people watching. Good luck!

Mark said...